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Understanding Hearing Loss

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Mike & Lorissa Miller own and operate ActivEar Hearing Aid Centers

They have proudly served the residents of South Georgia with care and compassion for over 20 years. If you feel you are experiencing hearing loss, call Mike or Lorissa today for a complete hearing test and demonstration.

Hearing is vital to communication. It allows you to connect to the world around you. We offer hearing aid repair on all brands. Mention our website for your FREE hearing screening.

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For 35 years, I was not able to hear birds outside, I wasn't able to hear frogs or crickets at night.   I'm hearing ...


When I first came into ActivEar the ringing in my ear was so bad it interfered with all my day to day activities. It kept ...

Ed S.

Thank you Mr.  Shiflett for your dedication to making your quality of life better with hearing aids, referring all of your friends and family to ...

Mike M.

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