"My wife said  you've got to get this hearing aid"


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Helping people hear better is so rewarding. This video post by one of our patients really shows why we do what we do.

Thank you Chris!

Folks- This is rather a long video. But it’s worth listening to!!! If you have ANY HEARING LOSS, Go see Lorissa Miller and Mike Miller at ActivEar!! www.activear.net/locations.html PLEASE SHARE!!!

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"For 35 years, I was not able to hear birds outside, I wasn't able to hear frogs or crickets at night"


Thank you Mr.  Shiflett for your dedication to making your quality of life better with hearing aids, referring all of your friends and family to ActivEar Hearing Aid Centers and for making what I do, providing individuals like you a better quality of life with better hearing, so rewarding.

Mike Miller


"I'm hearing my daughter from the other room"


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"When I first came into ActivEar the ringing in my ear was so bad it interfered with all my day to day activities. It kept me from falling asleep at night, interfered with my job and I was driving my wife crazy. After seeing Mike at ActivEar and trying his product, it completely turned my life around! I fall asleep with ease and sleep through the night, have no problems at work, and my wife loves me again. If you're having difficulties, I recommend you go see Mike Miller at ActivEar!" -Ed Shiflett, Adel, GA

"This hearing aid has so much power, you're going to hear things you never heard before"